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Buying on the internet always comes with a certain amount of risk. And a certain amount of limitations. Paying for your purchases with a 2favbuys voucher gives you not only peace of mind with Two Factor Authentication, but also a free gift from a leading company. And more than that, you can purchase your voucher in a choice of payment methods, in various currencies.

How it works?

Step 1
You select your products to purchase as normal on the vendor website.
Step 2
At checkout, the vendor will give you an option to Pay With QR Voucher and will send you to the 2favbuys website to buy your voucher.
Step 3
On the 2favbuys website, you will enter the information required, then select the currency and the value of the voucher you wish to purchase.
Step 4
You will then pay for your voucher by means of major credit card, bank wire or crypto currency.
Step 5
Once your payment is processed, you will receive your QR code voucher via email.
Step 6
Enter the voucher number into the vendor website or scan it in if you’re on mobile.
Step 7
You will then receive a One Time Pin via SMS, to enter into the relevant field on the vendor website – this means no one can use the voucher without your authorization!
Step 8
Once the voucher is verified as authentic, the vendor will complete the checkout process.
Step 9
After you have redeemed your voucher, and purchased the product you wanted, you will receive information on how to claim your free gift from a leading company via email.

Note: To prevent potential fraud and keep you safe, we are required to verify KYC documents here.

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How it works?

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